Monday, August 8, 2016

Happened for good

my friend story in her words-

yes i have something to say ,i met one person on shadi .com  it was just like love at first sight but here it was his photo in civil dress, i  got attracted to his stetcher of his body then fell in love with his silence then fell in love with his limited replies but  my conscience mind says the reason behind  i had fell for him  was that i couldnt get importance from him this made me think about him, this was unknown fact to me that time but i just started missing him without reason i enjoyed remembering him thinking many things that could happen if he was with me and i really enjoyed it, i was completely lost in him,but it just made me fall in love with him  .may be i dont feel like it was love may be lust but not completely,but i enjoyed each second of our conversation and also the time i spent remembering him. still i do and many times i feel like if i get a better person i can completely forget him yep this is true in every love this can  happen and in fact  sometiomes i forget him and within two weeks i have come over him .our conversation was completely a kind of newly married couple which was really a beautiful part .
   he just shown me that good man do exist still :) he was not like me but generous like me :) i was  blessed with more liberal mind then him.he was bothered about soceity more and for me its like society lol does it even exist?/

      ya he was with the success and i was still seeking it, so i felt it is easy to join a success rather to earn ,so this reason somewhere made me think of marrying him unknowingly .he asked me to marry him i was so happy that time, i just danced like mad i felt so nice i cantt explain in  words .i said him to decide after a meet he said okay .we had so much talks i remeber them all the time with a irreresistable smile on my face .to be frank sometimes we have to enjoy things instead thinking it right or wrong judging it by brain or thinking where it can lead us,because whatever happened in this love was completely what i wanted that also unknowingly yes thing happened was the wish of my soul my principles  not my idiot mind
     he wanted kids lots of kids but i never wished in my whole life to be a mother i just hate kidsi never take them in my arms i just smile to them or tease them i cant pamper yar.ya i want to pamper my love if i get in future not the one i felt like it was love.
    he shown me what relationship is how it is to be a someone's love he made me feel like special but not really .
    even he wanted me to stay sometime in his mother home which i hated,i just wanted to cut over every workload of me on my family just by marrying him so i just always discouraged his talks about being close to my family he took it wrongly lol yep i know im currect and not only correct i was awssom at my dicisions if people cant understand it if they cant see it through my vision then its not my fault infact its shows thier level of understandiung they just cant think beyond the borders set by the society.but within few days he completely understood me.
     i just feel lucky for my liberal thinkings it makes me feel like a free bird thanks to my guruji and my i feel like if i get my love then i just really can shover a love which is beyond only beauty does not attract me but it is necessary i feel because i saw his photo few days back he was not the same i loved ,he was not meeting my requirements if had in contact with him i just would have scolded him for letting his cheeks bulge lol ,sounds like stupid but the fact is this only, physical appearance do make differences .

  if i had married him i could not have passed PSI exam and many future plans would have lost in a some marriage house and pregnancy f***.
other side of this story was that if you are in love then you wont be in peace ya you may feel like in peace but only till he or she is on phone with you or more then that .but everybody knows that love needs  a feeling of secureness every second .so i think staying sinlge really makes you feel like free bird lets your mind get deep sleeep without any worries .whether bad or good feelings it just simply makes keeps disturbed and busy .love just makes your world small revolving only around lover unless it is a great love otherwise we have examples where love made mirracles .
  so the search is on i just ask myself where i smy love does he even exist does my destiny has him or something other thing is there where i have recognize pray for me :)

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