Monday, August 8, 2016


        the movie SUR was the one which made me to think on the topic jealous,yes jealousy which ruins the goodness in a man .
               jealousy is a common feeling everyone gets but most of  people just cant face this so they start facing themselves instead of facing the truth thats where man start fighting with the own self and  mis interprit this and start opposing the person from whom he was getting jealous beacause he feels like he is the reason behind his insecureness though he does not accept that he is feeling insecure because accepting that may make him feel like looser. this is just a one face of jealous.
             the origin of jealousy comes when third party start taking part when someone feels like they can be replaced by this third party well to be secure in this world is very important for being in peace.yes the first thing that jealous will engulf is peace
            well jealousy will continue to come in all lives .all beings will have to come across this becouse everything is mortal in this universe so new things do come and have to replace the old ,this is how world stay younger always,everyone has chance to come on stage and prform and feel the zeel.people should not feel it like defending them but instead they should just let it happen and find the reason to enjoy it or else fight this with inventing themselves as the need is ontherwise find the ways to come over it and lead the life again with the unique style which can make them relive the life again with the new view  new style instead of grieving in that jealous feeling .


let feelings come and go but dont try to harm yourself by anything like scolding others keeping your mood down or like absconding evryone or harming the one which lead to feel jealous  .keeping an outlet door for jealousy can make you feel like air breezing in the world or some world you never imazined  yep trust me just see it observe it and let it not ruin you or bring bittrness in you :).

  in fact according to my opinion one should not live for this society,should live for themselves start comparing with yourself  ,you will become best within no time .society makes people become greed it just make people to build a  competetion guides people interest which i just hate ,let your mind flow like bird enjoying the fly.
        competetion is what something which killls creativty in person who start following famous paths instead following their heart or brain ..ya but many have faced it with a bang who were confident of themselves who grown up and thought on their own ways    .so people should live with happiness let the feeling flow like river and should not stop it if  some hindrance come like jealous .

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