Tuesday, August 23, 2016

kati patang

my god such s movie mind blowing it was .and what a meaning full name the movie has.it just made me speechless.
   and what to say about acting yar it is at its best .rajesh khanna was awssom yet so down to earth.devinity exist man really .when i see old films i just feel cheap about the present actors and celebrities .
    asha parekh actress she is so beautifull then also no overacting no show offs i just dont have words to praise this team.
     in that movie the old man dies because of poisening ,he just simply dies only because the maid allowed villain into her life thats seems silly mistakes by a silly person yet leads to so big result .who should me made responsible for all these things yar i dont understand
   today i c believe that ghost exist and even god too the only thing that makes me think god does not exist is because of so many injustice happening in the world to innocents ,so many people die without thier mistakes ,floods happen and lives go and other lives suffer,innocent people get suppressed who will be made responsible for it.ya people may give reason as because of sins made in last birth but what is the proof for it ....
       i feel myself in a coward position yar because so many things happening around and i m not doing anything good for people .im not in a action mode it kills me,even my job doesnot help people much i can help them with only my salary but not by my power,
    and of course people wont listen to you without any big reason just like this bloody my sbr mate huh.i feel like i dont have any frnd to whom i can say i trust her or i can say she is of my maturity or equal to my understanding no  one .yep people say all fingers can not be same,
    people are dumb.98% are dumb .if not dumb then im the among those two % who does not entertain the dumb ones .the only one dumb that have been giving my time and  entertaining is my sbr mate thats it .today i decided not to advise her she just give some annoying replies to the adviser and she is completely dumb like her family.
   mostly the world itself is like that not acting wise or else the only surounding i have been might be like that otherwise you can see most of the people enjoy their surrounding ,you will find very less people complaining about thier surounding.

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