Sunday, August 14, 2016


       wonderfull actor, i have seen him immersing completely himself in the role ,whatever the role is always i have seen hin with best for that role ,he doesnt try to be best at his talent instead he always been at best for that role .the whole we can say that he is acting but  ,i feel he always live his role, not acting yes .the movie maqbool oh my god such a intense story,but after seeing this movie i felt llike who can be made responsible for the things happened or things come in some heart and made it to happen.,
      arjun kapoor in that movie was a undeclared villain and amitab bachan was the one innocent hero who is very sensitive who alwyas lived imaginary world and will become a part of the tragedy happened because of the greed of arjun kapoor.very sad to see arjun kapoor in a negative role

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