Tuesday, August 23, 2016

people or my problem

i have one roomate she just sucks ...i dont know why i so much difficutly in bearing her ..i  just dont want to see her around it just irritates me more tanything else..not only she i feel irrritated by most of the people even they dont do or say anything but i feel irritated anooyed by the presence of few kind of people.im not getting whether it is there fault or mine i just not able to figure it out.this girl has job equal to clerk but she behaves as if she has some great offficer job i just wqant to slap on herfice many times ..she does not even talk nicely to her customer not even old people man ..and dont ask me about her attitude o god it just more then enough to get her killed by me i dont know why i hate her..when she gives something to eat i just feel like pleasedont favor us like this but i cant say no yar i dont have a habit pof saying people no if they give me something to eat whether bad things or tastier i just through it if i dont like but in whole i dont feel like saying no to them .she talks nice whenever need arise but then all bitterness for her get vanishes i dont understand this behaviour of me.

    why people cant have a smile on their face is it because they dont bear a beautiful face ..sometimes i feel like she doesnot know how to show manners only because she grown in a village and her attitude is so because she grown in such a surounding where people feel one any government job is not less then a DC post f*** so thats made her attitude ghamandi...and also sometimes i feel like let her nbe like how she want why i should bother.but she sucks i dont know what she just want to show people ohh you just suck you bitch..

    this is not the first time i hate this much there were many gals i hated like this yep..even in delhi when i stayed with three other gals lol i hated all those three but made one my frnd and openly had arguments with other two.they were all good at heart but still i never came to know what made me to get irrritated or annoyed by them. ya sometime i feel like i get jealous with some people and because of that i might be feeling hatred for them.
      i dont want to see people around me specially when somebody is like these gals .i just want to boycott them completely.


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