Tuesday, October 11, 2016


some unknown letters thier inisde analysed things in thier words

well i feel sometimes my parents are selfish they don't want me to get married ,yep this is my story where all parents what their child seen marrying but my parents never raised a question of my marriage never I'm 26 stepping into 27 but my dad never raised question about this .now I'm well settled with good job but they don't tell me now also they just say read further for the next better job what the fuck.

when i said i love someone and i want to get marry to him they just said yes you can they never excited about what i said to them its just like oh okay you liked someone he also liked you nice good what the fuck man so to justify my sentence and decision i just went with my dad to office to just drop him or just to talk about the things  for which i dint get the proper response .

after some days my dad said you people get married in resister office now i don't have money after sometime we can arrange a big ceremony for you marriage that time i just burst out of shock inside my mind though i dint show it outside but it always stayed in my heart ,y i agree their might not be money at that time but if i were in their situation or anybody else they would not be telling directly like that even gnya dad priya dad not richer then us die daily for their marriage just cry for their marriage not only their every Indian parents not only others even me i would also be trying for my kids marriage if they would have been of my age i definitely would have been worried of this thing so i really wonder what kind of parents do i have,not only my parents even my brother too he also doesn't worry about my marriage man he married two women but not thinking of my marriage at all what type of family i  have is it a type of selfish ?????

even when i was about to marry madhu everybody was not happy specially my dad ya of course my mom was dam happy but even my sis was not happy she was feeling little insecure ,

and sfter somedays when the relationship broke between me and madhu my great great mom dad thought that if the relation was made between madhu and sangeeta the marriage would have happened for the best what the fuck,i just broke down again at that time they just called me and said ask them(madhu family) if something can happen again between sangeeta and madhu i just got speechless in that matter ya i agree the thought just arrived was natural(and they dint gave me a little time also and they never thought of my healing not thought of my pains my depression) but saying directly like it was something kind of deal it is somewhat not acceptable by me she always even say to me that she want person not like she just want him what the fuck,i know even in future they don't hesitate to mention that that madhu was more suitable for her but in actual she is just a bitch this was known by every friend of her even mukesh and even nagendra that's why he left her ,i dont know why this happened the some thing that happened between me and madhu same happened between sangeeta and nagedra but the more bad happened with sangeeta because she just behaved like bitch and she is bitch.I'm sorry she loves me in some other way she just love me for reasons i don't know let it be i support her as much as i can i never wish bad for her after all they are my only family i don't have anyone else to say my people .

yes i can say that what had happened wit madhu just helped me to know the reality of relationships of family how own they might be the bitterness really exist

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