Wednesday, December 28, 2016

hehe one tinder story

she was a  girl who was not advanced type as much as his tinder frnd was .so one day she felt he is very different person from others she has met because he was a model actor and choreagrapher so she just felt great about him because she has not been in such environments where entertainment field works could hear ,one day she searched about that boy on google she got many pictures of him on google by otself she got impressed even from thaside he was cute descent innocent and even somekind a alone in banglore so he was also thinking the girl is some whAt different and easy go kind so both LIKED EACG OTHER.but the girl hadlied that she is not in banglore only because she just felt she cant go immediately to meet that person but the boy called her right after that day on which they just had shared there was nice move by her this just made them to share nice chat between them.girl was very becaus ehe was very sweet and kind one day came she had go to his house it was five days after he asked .
      she went to his place he was not active so much in techniques so she couldnt get exact address she waited there tfor him but he failedto get her so girl just used her mind so they met finally fst she felt awkward there in his house not fopr him he was very handsome cute stylish kind sweet down to earth she felt awkward because she was feeling no confidence in front of still she kept herslef managed inn scolding him not givingher a propr[er adresshe was loughing  she felt that cute and happy for that.after that.they went to his homehe made cha[atis dal exactly like in indian style she loved it but she wont eat much when she is with somebody she is mad about.she just loved him like hell he was so sweet with her he fed her with her hand that was something she never saw even her sister feeds her with her hand but not with that love she loved it she just wanted to kiss him right that time ...after that she met dog in his home it was so cute so adorable so kind its eyes exactly like him.she just patting her dog and it was enjoying after that the boy and girl was sitting on sofa dog came and just started pushing me towards her boy hehe she loved this even he
    she just fell into his arms he was very confirtable for her it was exact sleeping pose she has alwaysa dreamt. he kissed her head her chicks even she kissed then he hugged her kissed her but she dint like wet kissso some break happened again she loved him hugged him he said lets take some rest he took her to room there they just hugged each other he kissed her hold her ,
thenhe took her to bed where suddenly he started undressing her even she was nothaving a problem so she just kept quite he loved his boobs he started sucking them she felt awessome they kissed again now he started down she dint like he got upset they came out of bedroom they kissed a

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