Saturday, January 28, 2017

ajji mammaga

he just want to interfere in everyones life .huh he doent understand what other person is going through he is that worst yeah i agree he is my blood relation but seriously man i just had sympathy for him but never love ya he laways thought of helping whole family but only unnecessarily atleast for me i never enjoyed his helping but it helped a lot .

man i feel being with him is like torturing myself he just want to judge people thats the very annoying thing i fing in people ya i agree even i judge people but only stranger man how can you judge a family person he just judge evryone mom dad ajji sangeeta me his friends thats why he doent have not even one wise friend he has only huble and people who doesnt have anything i mean people who just need someone ya i agree he has some persons who have nothing i think they are just with him because they are comfirtable with this person because of his level i just hate finding brother characters in me i feel insulting muslef guruji just save me man i just dont want to pick his call when he want to advise me. its my life let me leave it i know how much u have lived i know what kind of life u are leaving even you are not proud of your life then why you are just trying your rules and teaching me .even dad doesnt advise me so much he understand us he understand his limit but not you man just grow up .sometimes i bileive bad things happene to them who just torture other its just happened to you on that day your leg got twisted because of silly efforts you put please dont over reavct brother .i even get night mares of you which just puts me in terror so please fare me my life .if i get in trouble then it will be by my mistake so i wont be in so much grave as you are giving me now while teaching me your bloody stuff

i was never happy whenever i loughed with you it just made me feel that you are actually planing some mischieves with me and trying to get something out of me actaully i know yar even m sis she is so sweet with me even she helps me i wish i had a brother like who will be of my nature who would understand me but u never understood me i just dint think about you whenevr i got succes may be im fully wrong in undesrtanding you but the torture you give i have choices to avoid it but still i just keep quite to make things go easier for me or just to ignore things but i dont know this will continue later or not but ya i dont want to continue its better ou understand the generation gap

well people in my home wherther brother or sister both want to keep my success in secret which i dont like man its ponly a life so if u dont share your succes with your surrounding now then how can you build your image in the society howww..sometimes i feel ki these two my siblings just jealous of my succes so they got good reason to not to share my succes ya this may be one of the small reason they give to themselves to not share my success ..but if i had good media to spread my winning with others then i guess even my family would have got good respect from others .

i dont know the future of my brother i dont even want to advise him he is just a psycho a greatest psycho i have ever found in my life

oh god just same me from him even my sis wont listen anything against him even my mom doesnt listen aginst him so i dont have anyone to share a kind of torture im getting from him.jai guruji

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