Saturday, January 28, 2017


 today im very depressed not because of anyone but only because of myself .im upset with my performance and my mindset.well i thpught i know the thing called be urself but i completely tried to be fake in that interview and its not that i was fake i knew but i just got struck up there and tried or bluffed blind answer expecting my mind to come up with great answer but i ended it with dumbest answere hu i lost it otherise i would have crossed 8 i guess ya hidden potentials i have need to explore from myself instead exploring in on dating apps ...but its the fact that i was unaware to face such situation where i dont know the answers ya i know i came across such situations many times but that was not the di or die situation where as yestrday it was just the same situation where i was asked by such a big persanalityies but i coudnot expres myself i found her more expressive then me ya she that is the one with whom i had talk few hours before the interview took place.yes i got so many things to learn from this interview i just got how to open up the mind not to put it under pressure just speak your mind thats it nothing this unoverse require i guess ..i just played myself like a dumb infontr of those big elegant persons.i was frank but only thing is i coundt express myself welll so really i have to practice a lot to put my best infront of the people.i just bluffed some questions specially the IAS level questions im really really very very upset with my interview huh still got good marks not bad at alll so god please dont make me to just sit and watch movies i want to load  myself with some cofidence so pl;ease help in that so i think the best way to bigin these things is join dance classes or karate or swimming so these activities make you feel confdent about yourself so girl geet get up gear up move fast.tyhe person called ouradkar was the person who just dont accept things easily he said it iwas lacking where.but still my smile and simpliness made to the verage still happy and thankfull to interviewers..

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