Saturday, January 28, 2017

weekend with ramesh

today whole day i was with laptop but just loved it it was everything laptop gave me happiness cry grief love fevrites confidence comedy family importance everything.that idiot whats his name so ething that is......sumith ya such a irritting man vya i dont like him .i just dont like boys with overconfidence and boys who keep on messaging gm and keep on saying gm even if i dont reply i dont understand i feel ki are they just make me remember that they are alive and trying for me or they just want to create some image of them in us or just they playing with our psychology come on guys im not a kind of girl who fall so easily yep...the boy i want is really will ne one in a million yes i dont know whethre ill get or not but im not goingf to fall for bad boy or who is very dramatic or who is very habitual to girls talking if he has any of these features then he must be having very sweet handsome face to make me fall for him yeahhh.i dont know im not so beautifull also that any good looking boy can propose me or can like me so its kind of a person on groung wishing for the moon but i think surelly ill get a person of moralistic value like madhu yep i believe in this
 gfst i saw silsiley movie wow beautifull movie the realistic movie , the pain bhumika actress had in that movie was so realistic man i just cried that moment i really feel ki such helplessnes can kill people and make them to meet with suicide .she made justice with her role so much i just loved her.and other story in that movie was of tabu actress i just loved her.she is so matured in her acting oh my god its matured then anyone else in the bollywood i have seen so realistic acting it was she became one of my favourite .love for her.she got cheated  by her husband who was a muslim who n\believe in getting marriage with as many womens he wants .she handled it very well.wellthese kind of films just open up the real face of the life which were easily get faded when we watch commercial movies i really have very respect for such non comercial non drama movies hatsoff to directors and producers who does those movies.

well even i have made my mind like those comercial movies so in case of my love life i just think like anjali in kuch kuch hotha hai movie .dont know wgat will happen even my friends believe that i dont get a person i want

even that idiot nethra who doent have even a smal idea of how im how my mentality is thinks my taste in selecting a bf will be very bad welll she just measure people by their cast i think its not her fault its actually her grown surrounding made her think like that no worries i dont get affected by those thinking i just only get irritated by these thinkings,....and i just slowly get awaya from those peopple may be not successfully

the big exapmle is gnyaneshwary she sucks yeah before also i have written this the thing i dint even like to talk about her i dont have interst and i have forgoten the reason i left her the only thing i remeber about her is some negactive feelings i just hate her i dont knowwhatds that and i dont want to analyse it yeahhh

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